Welcome Back Connecticut.

Connecticut’s urban beer festival is back and reloaded. SMALL STATE GREAT BEER is a celebration of our thriving culture, featuring the largest line-up of local breweries alongside national level music. SSGB transforms a craft beer showcase into an immersive live-event experience.

SMALL STATE GREAT BEER is born out of the “Small State Big Heart” brand, launched by Hartford Prints!. The event aims to connect the state’s growing craft brewery industry with a fresh audience.

SMALL STATE GREAT BEER is produced in association with Hartford’s iQuilt Partnership. The iQuilt Partnership is a non-profit urban design plan that works to connect the exceptional assets of downtown Hartford. Constitution Plaza is one of these special amenities. By activating the plaza, our event will showcase Hartford in a unique and exciting way.

A portion of the proceeds from SMALL STATE GREAT BEER will go to benefit the iQuilt Partnership.